1,051,200 Children Will Die This Year

Yes, that number is correct.

2,880 children will die today on the continent of Africa from a mosquito bite.

20,160 children will die this week from a mosquito bite.

87,658 children will die in September alone from a mosquito bite.

Let’s multiply that by twelve now. Yes, that is 1,051,200 children this year.

Just from a mosquito bite. How you ask?

Mosquito’s in Africa (and many other countries) carry the disease Malaria. When you are infected, it feels like you have gotten the flu. But it is deadly. You can end up in coma and die. And thousands of children are dying today.

It’s incomprehensible to me. “Death by mosquito bite,” is what Bono calls it.

A mosquito bite.

A mosquito bite.

Something so basic, so easy to prevent, and so easy to cure.

I’m a lucky one. When I travel over to Kenya at the end of the month, I will be armed. I have purchased one mosquito net, four bottles of 100% Deet, and 27 days of Malarone (the anti-malaria drug) I am the lucky one.

What about the other mothers and their families? What will they do? How will they survive?

More importantly, how can you save them? How can you make a difference, not just in a child’s life, but her entire family?

This one is easy. Buy this family a mosquito net. Just one net. One net can last five years. One net can save an entire family. Would you spend .35 cents today, and for the next 30 days to save a family? Well, that’s how much it is. $10.

$10 to buy one net for a family. That’s one large pizza, or two packs of cigarettes, MAYBE 3 tall Mocha Frappachino’s. How about this month, just this month, buy one net. Maybe next year, you will buy another one for another family. Just by NOT indulging in our life’s little pleasures for just one month, you can have the pleasure of saving the lives of entire family.

If you want to help, go to NothingButNets.net and but one net for $10. By buying a net from them, you also get the tax deduction. So you have not only saved a family, you have helped yourself in the process.

I hope you do. I will be leaving my net with my host family when I depart. It’s the least I could do.

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