115 Heroes

115 heroes came out on Saturday and signed up with the Marrow Registry.

115 heroes.

I was so proud of each and everyone of them. I sat behind the table and got to know many of them. Heroes from my community. They all had their own reasons for coming out. Some because they were just passing by, some because they lost a loved one, but most sat down in front of me and told me they wanted to give someone a chance to live.

115 heroes.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, children, and teachers came out to show their support. It was a huge success. I was so proud of all of us who worked so hard to get the word out and make this a successful drive. My Marrow coordinator and recruitment specialist, Holly Collier, was amazing. She is a dedicated worker to this amazing cause. She has surrounded herself with others with the same passion. And because of this passion, she is successful at what she does. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. We will work together again in the near future.

115 heroes.

One of the heroes that we met on Saturday recently found out that her son was just diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Will he need a marrow donor to save his life? We don’t know yet. But if the answer is yes, you will know where to find us. We will once again start a new drive and help this mother find a match for her son. That’s what mothers do. So, when we have another drive in the next few months, I hope to see your face. I hope you will be a new hero. I hope you will make the decision to be a part of something that is much bigger than ourselves.

Be a Hero. Be a donor.

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Our heroes filling out the application.


Me, talking to one of our own local heroes.


Busy, busy getting everyone registered.

You can contact Holly at hcollier@nmdp.org
Dedicated to our own little hero, Trevor Kott.


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