$12 for 12 in 2012

Can You Afford $12 Per Month?

We have been blessed with wonderful sponsors who have met 100% of the girls education needs, which is a major achievement. The girls at Saint Monica’s are well on their way to a quality eduction, and a brighter future.

Now we want to make sure the home runs smoothly as well.

Running a home for 35 girls in Nairobi, Kenya is less expensive than you might think, around $7000 US per month. That covers everything! This includes staff wages, rent, utilities food and medical care. We’re looking for 600 people who can afford $12 per month. This will insure that our girls needs are met each and every day.

$12 per month. That’s just three Grande Latte’s at Starbucks. It’s one movie ticket. Or a pedicure on just one foot. 🙂 Can you afford $12 per month? If you can, donate now and help us insure the future for 35 deserving Kenyan orphans.


Donate $12 Per Month in 2012!

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  1. Drew Meyers February 27, 2012 at 7:09 am #

    Of course I can afford $12….done 🙂

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