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After much talk, and serious consideration; both Rocky and I have decided that our hearts and souls have been poured into the children of Africa. We have decided that in our collaboration with A Child’s Right , that we will now focus all of our attention on the continent of Africa.

I can’t imagine not taking our passion for making changes in this world straight to the vein that feeds this passion for the kids who need us most. Long ago, when I saw the very first episode of Christmas Kindness on Oprah, did I have any idea how much of an impact those 60 minutes would have on my life.

They were not immediate minutes, but rather, very deliberate minutes, that changed the way I thought.

Africa has long been forgotten. Long been ignored.

Is it because racism and bigotry still exist here in America? Or is it because it is a continent so broken, that no one knows how to fix it?

I am an average woman. I live an average life. I come from an average family….but no matter how ordinary my life has been, I feel compelled to do extraordinary things. I’m nothing special, and Rocky isn’t either. Our militia is comprised of ordinary moms who know that the power of making a difference begins by taking action.

What will you do today, to make difference in the world?

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  1. Myla October 3, 2007 at 6:05 pm #

    Even though I am an average woman in America and even though I am not a mother because of MFFO and Rocky I now feel that I can do something to make a difference in this world and I will forever be grateful for this.


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