A Child’s Right


In 2007 & 2008, we at Mothers Fighting For Others, have chosen to join the organization, A Child’s Right. They believe,

“All children, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or location, should be and can be afforded the most essential of needs to improve their lives and ensure their healthy development.

childs-right-logo.jpg Clean drinking water is the single most important ingredient for healthy children the world over- yet thousands of children die every day due to a lack of potable water. In this day and age, with the support of those in the more prosperous nations, this should no longer be a privilege for some, but should be a basic right of every child.

A Child’s Right is committed to providing the very best in water purification technologies and clean water systems to desperate children in orphanages, street shelters, children’s hospitals and schools in impoverished nations throughout the world.

Our organization is young, vibrant, and dedicated to providing better lives for children in need. We hope you join in our mission.”


So, our efforts will go towards raising awareness and funds for this cause. Our goals are high. The cost to install ten water purification systems is $35,000. Our aspirations are to raise MUCH more than that. We know we can do it.

Our chosen relief project this year will be in Guatemala. We chose Guatemala because 80% of the population live in poverty. Two-thirds of that number, about 7.6 million people, live in extreme poverty. Facts such as infant mortality rate and illiteracy, are among the worst in the hemisphere.* (And of course, my daughters are from there.)

We know that if we do the hard work, we can help save thousands of children from dying every day from waterborne diseases. Water is essential. It is the beginning to a bright future. We can keep a generation alive by providing them with the basic necessity of clean water.

I hope you will join us.

I hope you decide to make a difference in not just one child’s life, but thousands.

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*Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
February 2007 US Dept. of State


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