A Small Price to Make a Big Difference

I remember when I was a little girl the Avon lady coming to my parents door to try and sell my mother Avon products. As always, my mom would shoo her away. My mom would always tell her that “We don’t have any extra money for that stuff”keychain.jpg or “You don’t need that stuff to look beautiful.” I remember laughing as she would shut the door.

So, I stumbled upon Avon the other day and found a wonderful product that they are selling. This key chain features a silvertone metal charm and rubberized plastic strap. The cost is only $5.00. Yes, only $5.00 with 100% of the net proceeds being donated to support Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. This is a great and easy way to help out. You can go to Avon now to buy your own bracelet.

They also have The Women’s Empowerment Bracelet for only $3.00. You can read about it here.

Everyone is always looking for little ways to help out. Imagine the feeling every time you pick up your key-chain. A feeling that only you can experience by participating. You will always be reminded that you did a part in the Stop to domestic violence. Not only do I thank you, but all of the victims of Domestic Violence thank you. Every little bit helps. Remember, this is a small price to pay to help rid the world of this horrible crime

Show your support, show unity, show off your key-chain.

Tracy Sig

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