A Twitter Interview With @LeMorningShow

MFFO Founder, Rocky Turner, was interviewed this morning on Twitter by @LeMorningShow.

The following is a transcript from the show, which was interrupted by a 30-minute Twitter outage and a visit by the infamous Fail Whale. It was an interesting experience to be interviewed via Twitter and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to joining Fi Brownrigg (Fi), with Herald De Paris et Cie, and Melanie Amor (Mel), with Bel Air Magazine, again soon. You can also find them on The Herald De Paris et Cie Facebook page.

(Fi) Today we are very privileged and humbled to be joined by Racquel “Rocky” Turner, mom of six, wife to one, and founder of @MFFOdotORG!

  • (Rocky) Good Morning! #mffo

(Fi) Thanks for joining us to talk about #MFFO, Rocky! We’ve been looking forward to having you all weekend.

  • (Rocky) Thank you so much for having me.

(Fi) Hey, we already have a request πŸ˜‰ Are you looking for MFFO’s link? RT @FloridaSunSales: @LeMorningShow link? for @headmutha

(Fi) Our other host Melanie of @belairmagazine should be along shortly! But in the meantime, Rocky, why don’t I start off by asking would you tell us more about your altruistic enterprise, “Mothers Fighting For Others?”

  • (Rocky) MFFO, the charity, was started in 2007 after a volunteer trip with GVN to Kenya.
  • (Rocky) I fell in love with the girls at the orphanage, came home, started the charity so we could begin collecting funds for their education
  • (Rocky) We started with very modest goals, just a handful of girls who were then entering high school. Our hope is to sponsor 100%

(Fi) You originally went to Kenya with GVN – is that the Global Volunteer Network?

  • (Rocky) But we’ve extended beyond just their education. Our goal is to open a new orphanage and take care of 100% of their needs
  • (Rocky) Yes, GVN is Global Volunteer Network. They place volunteers all over the world.

(mel) Gooooooood #LeMorning Everyone!! Desculpe for lateness! 3rd Monday tweeting #LMS @ Peets coffee instead of my warm nest. #ATTfail
(Fi) What was it about the girls in Kenya that so inspired you with the drive to accomplish this magnanimous task? Any particular memory?
(mel) Hi FI! Welcome Rocky–great to have you here, so me, Fi, Jes & our #LMSviewers can learn!

  • (Rocky) I realized, as they followed me around, clinging to my side, they what these girls really needed was love. A mom.
  • (Rocky) It is a bunch of memories all wrapped into one. It was overwhelmingly powerful.

(Fi) Morning, Mel! We were just chatting about #MFFO with Rocky Turner – sorry to hear AT&T has failed you again πŸ˜‰
(mel) Thanks Fi! Bah! #ATTfail won’t hold me back from @LeMorningShow & #MFFO πŸ™‚

  • (Rocky) Hi, Mel. πŸ™‚

(Fi) Wow. What a powerful post, Rocky. WIth an experience such as that, I can understand the motivation behind your inspiration for #MFFO.

  • (Rocky) What is amazing is that the emotion is even stronger today. It keeps me moving through the struggles toward the goal.

(Fi) The audio on that post is just unbelievably touching. If the rest of you can listen to it, you absolutely should: http://bit.ly/d6sk72

  • (Rocky) Thank you. I was in the moment. It was amazing was what my husband, @respres, had to do at the time to get that up. πŸ™‚

(Fi) Your husband transcribed that from a recording you made while in Kenya?

  • (Rocky) Forgive the typos. It’s a bit early here in LA and the first day of Spring Vacation for my kids. πŸ™‚
  • (Rocky) Yes, my husband had to transcribe recorded messages I sent from Kenya. It was the only way at the time. Technology has changed!

(Fi) Haha, yes, thank you so much for getting up so early in LA to join us and educate us about your cause πŸ™‚ We do appreciate that.
(mel) What a heartwarming story, Rocky–making me snap back to what is important in life!
(Fi) … so what were some of the obstacles and hurtles that you needed to clear, in creating MFFO and so forth?

  • (Rocky) No! Thank you for inviting me. It’s a privilege.
  • (Rocky) Well, the paperwork to create a 501c3 in the US is a bit daunting. πŸ™‚ But really, that was not hard, just tedious.
  • (Rocky) The real obstacles for @mffodotorg are distance and culture.

(mel) Rocky, do you travel back & forth often?

  • (Rocky) Last year I went to Kenya three times. I’ll be leaving for my 2nd trip this year at the end of the month.
  • (Rocky) I am going to buy “requirements” for the girls who are in high school
  • (Rocky) Requirements = school supplies, toiletries, bedding, anything and everything they need to get them through boarding school.

(mel) can people can send those things also, or do y’all prefer donations to buy those necessities?

  • (Rocky) It’s way too expensive to ship. And for 99% of it, we prefer to buy it there to help the local economy.
  • (Rocky) There are things we do collect here, small school supplies, pens, pencils, etc. But most have to be purchased in Kenya.

(Fi) Great tip, Rocky – buying there, so as to help the local market. Thank you for sharing that advice.
(mel) Any special things that they can’t get in Kenya? I would imagine we (U.S.) would have essentials you can’t buy there?

  • (Rocky) No, actually, you can get anything you need in Kenya. Of course “need” often means something different here in the U.S. πŸ™‚
  • (Rocky) @stepwise does have trouble finding soy latte’s though. πŸ™‚

(mel) A very true point, Rocky!

  • (Rocky) we work closely with @stepwise on @mffodotorg projects with the girls.

(Fi) Haha! I can believe it, Rocky. #soylattescarcity
(mel) Back at last!!!!! Sorry for the delay, #LMS! *shaking fist at twitter*

  • (Rocky) It appears Twitter is back. Did we break it? πŸ™‚

(mel) Let’s see if we can gather what is left of our time together…
(mel) Yes, we did break Twitter! *laugh* The downfall of having a groundbreaking show on twitter- I blame you, Rocky πŸ˜‰ Now, where were we?

  • (Rocky) Twitter is normally VERY good to us. πŸ™‚ The community here is amazing with its support. #50kfor50k

(mel) I, too, have found an amazing group of people on twitter…guess how I got on @LeMorningShow?! *laugh* about 4 hours ago via web
FYI, #LMS–our Guest Host is (Rocky) –Rocky Turner (alias @headmutha) of “Mothers Fighting for Others!” – via @LeMorningShow
(mel) Rocky is building an orphanage in Kenya, & changing lives! What questions would YOU like to ask her, #LMSviewers?
(mel) For those of you just tuning into #LMS this morning–we’ve endured some twitter isssssues, & have been unable to get back to our chat!
(mel) We’d like to extend our apologies to Rocky, our #LMSguesthost, who had to get up early today! Perhaps we can beg her to come again…

  • (Rocky) You don’t need to beg. I’d be happy to return. Perhaps not at 6am during spring break. πŸ™‚

(mel) *LOL* Agreed, Rocky! You name the day & we will be here, excited to talk!
(mel) Well, before must gallop off @8, Rocky-can you share ways #LMSviewers can find you & learn more about #MFFO, #Kenya & how to find you?

  • (Rocky) Sounds like a plan. Thank you again for having me on. I look forward to sharing more about @mffodotorg

(mel) And, we look forward to learning & sharing more with our viewers πŸ™‚
(mel) #LMSviewers, if you had a question for Rocky & didn’t get to ask, feel free to find her @mffodotorg

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