I was a little girl
Broken and battered,
Never told
That I was loved or mattered.

I was only a child
And was made to do,
Things I never
Should have had to do.

I was a teenager
Who was beaten down,
Lonely, scared and unsure
Of everyone that mattered.

I was a teenager
Who turned to drugs,
To fill the void
Of emptiness and loneliness inside.

I am a woman
Trying to hang on,
Just trying to live
Day by day and night by night.

I am a woman,
Who is reaching out,
To face the truth
Of my past and all the hurt.

I am a woman,
Who has become strong,
Has accepted her past
Who has learned to move on

I have learned to love life,
I have learned to forgive
After all these years
I have learned to live.

Tracy Etheridge Sig

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  1. Jeff Turner September 14, 2007 at 3:00 pm #

    This is exceptional.

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