An Email From Women For Women

Dear Racquel,

International Women’s Day is a chance to stand with the women of southern Sudan, Rwanda, Afghanistan or any other country where we work and proclaim that women have rights and value. They are worthy of celebration and honor.  They are worthy of the economic and social change.

Racquel, hundreds of supporters have added their name to the list joining our call on March 5 or hosting an event of their own. They are standing with the women for grassroots solutions to end the food crisis and empower socially excluded women everywhere.

Join us for our celebration of the women we serve and supporters like you who are causing social change.

Women For Women

With food prices skyrocketing, women are wondering where they’ll find the next meal for their children and themselves. Women in the field are seeking the tools and skills that will allow them to end the food crisis forever. Thanks to your support, our commercial farming initiatives in Rwanda and Sudan go beyond traditional means of aid and actually teach the women the techniques and sustainable practices of organic farming.

Add your name to the list of supporters that are celebrating women on International Women’s Day.

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