April 5th, 2008: World Swim Against Malaria

World Swim Against Malaria is aimed at ending the cycle of death and poverty that is associated with Malaria. Every year there are about 400 million cases of Malaria in the world. Between 1 and 3 million of those cases end in death, mostly among children.water-sports-046.jpg

Malaria parasites are transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito. While there is currently no vaccination for the prevention of Malaria, mosquito nets have been very successful in preventing the spread of this disease. The regions hardest hit by this disease are Central America, Asia, Africa, and South America.

By registering your swim at World Swim Against Malaria and obtaining sponsors, you can make a difference within a community by supplying mosquito nets for the areas most at risk. 100% of the proceeds from your event go directly toward the cause, and none of the money raised is used for administrative salaries or expenses… JUST NETS!

This is a perfect way for swim team members and municipal swimming facilities to raise money and awareness for this cause. Inspire your community to make a difference!

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