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Look Out … for the Children

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll notice many opportunities to help children. Those that are quietly standing by, with their innocence, sometimes not realizing that they are missing out. Last week it was as simple as a conference I had with my daughter’s teacher. She had asked earlier for donations of $2.50 for a […]

Children Inspire

The mission of Inspire The Child empowering girls to be strong and independent women of Kenya inspires me. Helping bring the confidence and determination to be all that they can be could be seen as a light at the end of their tunnel.

I’m reminded many times of the inspiration that children provide, often without recognizing they are even doing it.

Alexandra “Alex” Scott was diagnosed with a childhood cancer shortly before her first birthday. She fought. She met many milestones that her parents, Jay and Liz were told would probably not occur. In 2000, the day after her fourth birthday, Alex told her mother “When I get out of the hospital I want to have a lemonade stand.” Her plan seemed simple in her mind… she’ll raise money from her lemonade stand and give it to the doctors so they can find a cure for cancer.

Did I mention Alex was a fighter? She passed away in 2004 at 8 years old, after being the inspiration for lemonade stands and fundraisers to donate over $1M to childhood cancer research.

Although Alex’s family lives in my area, west of Philadelphia, the lemonade stands spread the country. Many national companies have jumped on board in helping the cause, like Volvo and Applebee’s Restaurants. The family and board members continue growing Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to fight the fight and find a cure for childhood cancers.

Like I’m sure most of us have, I’ve battled some challenges lately. When I look at what Alex was able to accomplish while fighting the fight of cancer, I’m inspired. I’m humbled.

How can you help?

* Encourage a lemonade stand in your area – get the children involved!
* Commit to a 5K run or walk on October 25th – no matter where you are – join The 1st Annual Lemon Virtual Run/Walk
* Buy a $1 virtual cup of Lemonade at Volvo’s virtual lemonade stand
* Volunteer virtually. Find and Follow Alex’s Lemonade Stand on Social networks.
* Get your school involved

Sometimes just being yourself is an inspiration to others. Sometimes it is sharing your story. Sometimes it is creating a Foundation. But one rule is steadfast… don’t do any of it out of self-service … it just doesn’t work that way and it might bite.

Time, Love, and Energy

“Is she almost here?”
“When will they get here?”
“I can’t wait to see her.”
“This will be the best week yet!”

I can imagine the anticipation right before each and every trip Rocky makes to our friends in Kenya. Their hearts leap for joy, knowing that someone they love in the United States is coming to spend time with them.

I believe the greatest joy comes from the outpouring of love, time, and energy.

Sure, they love receiving the pencils & underwear. But it’s more than that. It’s the quality of time. I envision the time spent playing those hand clapping games together. I imagine sharing of laughs. Drawing pictures in the dirt ground. I really should visit with Rocky about this – but I like where my imagination goes 🙂

It reminds me of the simple things to remember with my children. When planning for the summer activities – I need to remember the time together is the most important thing. It’s not important to go here and there- always with a planned agenda – it’s the quiet moments together. It’s the window of opportunity provided for conversation. The availability. The stillness.

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Life with Inspiration

Inspiring. I keep seeing this word creep up. What a compliment in the entirety to be called an inspiration to someone. I look at our own, Rocky, who is so inspiring to watch her devotion and passion to reach the girls in Kenya. While there, her sometimes simplistic tweets about things we take for granted on a daily basis make followers pause for a moment. She is making her dream happen. She is bringing the underwear. She is delivering the pencils. She is helping a child through illness and surgery. Spreading her love. The world that is so far away, Rocky brings so close to us – sharing with us about those she comes in contact with. I see numerous people mention how inspirational she is. Her passion is evident. Her intentions are pure. Her blessings are many.

Inspiring. Sarah Stanley just completed a 50-mile run (over 10 hours) while tweeting her progress with pictures. Why? It’s an easy answer for her, “I run 50 miles to inspire someone to run or walk 1 mile.” I got the opportunity to talk to Sarah, her passion was so clear – her intentions to help others just get off the couch radiated through the telephone. Her idea is to bring Healthy, Happy, and Fit together as one message. Just following her tweets for a day during that run had a positive influence over my future runs. And I wasn’t the only one. The conversation by so many that were affected by her life was uplifting. Allowing peeks into her life during a time of multiple emotions shows by example that you CAN do what you set your mind to. Follow Sarah’s blog and tweets to get your daily dose of inspiration.

There are so many others that can be used as examples of stellar inspirational people in the world we live. Find someone that has a similar interest to you – and learn by example. I know both Rocky & Sarah don’t bite, if you find someone you admire and want to learn more – reach out !

What is your message? What can you do to inspire others? As long as your intentions are pure – your passion and message can be whatever is closest to your heart. It might be to help the local shelters, support victims of domestic violence, volunteer your time, encourage entrepreneurs, the list is endless!

Inspiration is worldwide and incorporates many different venues of life. There are people inspiring others to read. There are mothers and fathers inspiring their children. There are teachers inspiring the students to get excited about education.

Inspire the Child. Inspire Each Other. Inspire Self.

Happy Energy

What do you think of if I ask you about tearing little pieces of masking tape up and sticking them on a baby food jar? Did you do that as a child? Then slosh some brown shoe polish on top – making the very best present for the special parent in your life. How proud […]