Can you spare ONE can of vegetables?

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 These are truly unsettling if not down right frightening times.  The U.S. finanical crisis has vast, long-term, global implications.  Our families, our neighbors, our friends are all scared at least to some degree.  Uncertainty about our future can be all consuming. 

I was at a community meeting the other day when I heard the head of our local Christian Mission share about the current struggles their community soup kitchen is facing.  In our small town of Mooresville NC, they are now feeding twice as many people as they did one year ago.  The faces of the homeless they are helping are no longer the stereotypical ones.  Today they can be anyone, just like you and me; middle-class moms and their children, victims of foreclosures and job losses. 

This woman told us that she looses sleep every night wondering if she is going to have enough food for the next day.  These days this Mission never has a surplus, but so far they have had just enough food each day to feed the increasing number of folks coming to them because they have nowhere else to turn.

She told us that, while they need any and all kinds of food, they particularly need canned vegetables.  The group I was with decided we would all set a goal for each of us to bring 20 lbs of canned food or $20’s to our next meeting for the Mission.

As I went through the canned vegetable department of my local super market I started picking out cans of various types beans, corn, and spinach.  It didn’t take long and it didn’t cost very much.  Even though I am watching every penny, somehow it felt necessary to help.

As I loaded the bags of canned vegetables into my car I realized I felt better than I had in days. My sense of fear and concern was overshadowed by the feeling of happiness that I had knowing that I was making a difference in a small way.

I realized that the most powerful weapon we have against the current state of fear is the power of giving.  Even if you can only spare one can of vegetables, take it to your closest homeless shelter or soup kitchen.  Giving is a powerful thing. 

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