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Using Frustration as Inspiration

Just like many others all across the country, I’ve been frustrated over the lack of flu vaccines in my area.  My daughters and I usually get seasonal flu vaccines each year free from my husband’s employer.  This year their seasonal flu shot clinic was postponed and then canceled for family members.  They were finally able […]

In New York City Next Tuesday?

Stepwise, a not for profit organization working to provide basic needs for East Africa’s youth, is throwing a fund raiser at the Daniel Cooney Fine Art gallery in Manhattan to raise funds for Universal Children’s Centre in Mombasa, Kenya. WHY?? Conditions at Universal are par for the course in East Africa: no running water, no […]

Changing Their Future

This is Ann Magiri. Today, she is a freshman at Saint Peter the Rock High School. I remember having a long talk with her in January. She was lost in her history. Her Mother was very sick when she was about 11. Ann was her sole caregiver for months. She was exhausted from this task […]