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Look Out … for the Children

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll notice many opportunities to help children. Those that are quietly standing by, with their innocence, sometimes not realizing that they are missing out. Last week it was as simple as a conference I had with my daughter’s teacher. She had asked earlier for donations of $2.50 for a […]


Most of us are born hearing “give in order to receive” and if you really pay attention, they are both the same and one can’t occur without the other.  Whether it’s giving compliments, volunteering your time, sharing talents or going out of your way to help people around you. There’s an ever universal equilibrium with […]

An Email From Women For Women

Dear Racquel, International Women’s Day is a chance to stand with the women of southern Sudan, Rwanda, Afghanistan or any other country where we work and proclaim that women have rights and value. They are worthy of celebration and honor.  They are worthy of the economic and social change. Racquel, hundreds of supporters have added […]