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The Blue Sweater; One Woman’s Journey to Change the World

Do you have passion and enthusiasm but feel overwhelmed or even lost  when trying to take your first steps in even the most humble efforts to make a difference in your community, your state, or the world? Then I am asking that you take just one step…Read: The Blue Sweater by Jaqueline Novogratz. Jaqueline’s life started just like most of ours […]

Love Is Not Abuse

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The abuse started at such a young age. Or at least I thought it was a young age, 15 to be exact. The first punch went smack dab across my nose. It sent me bleeding to the hospital with a fractured nose. I did nothing. I told […]

Global Hunger: How YOU can make a difference!

When the word global and hunger join together the mere idea seems overwhelming.  How can we truly make a difference?  Like any complex or dynamic challenge, the solution lies in baby steps; one step at a time. How many gifts do you purchase for friends, family or celebrations every year?  Imagine if for every one of […]