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A Volunteer Letter From Maria

Hi! My name is Maria Macnamara and I’d like to tell you about my trip to Kenya in January 2010. I went with three Americans who I met for the very first time at Heathrow airport on our layover to Kenya! To date, I’ve spent time volunteering in Brazil, Thailand and in September 2009, Ethiopia. […]

Local Walk for Cancer gets kids involved

You may have heard me talk about an organization I am passionate about in my local neighborhood, The Miami Shores Heidi Hewes Chapter of the Woman’s Cancer Association of The University of Miami.  Yes the name is long, but we refer to it as “Heidi Hewes Chapter of the WCA” locally.  I’ve been involved with […]

Volunteer Vacations, More or Less

Earlier this week I listened as Jeff Turner interviewed Shelley Seale, author of The Weight of Silence: The Invisible Children of India.  I was following their conversation while I worked and know that I missed a lot, but Shelley mentioned “volunteer vacations” and the phrase really stuck in my mind. I looked around a little […]