Changing Their Future

Ann and IThis is Ann Magiri. Today, she is a freshman at Saint Peter the Rock High School. I remember having a long talk with her in January. She was lost in her history. Her Mother was very sick when she was about 11. Ann was her sole caregiver for months. She was exhausted from this task and walked out one day in a typical and understandable teenage tantrum. Her Mother died a few days later.

She has carried this burden for the past five years. She had a hard time sleeping and concentrating in school. I couldn’t imagine what that had done to her soul. We had a long talk and I tried desperately to tell her as a Mother, that it wasn’t her fault. There was a lot of crying and hugging that night. I had hoped that the discussion we had would make a difference. I’m not a Doctor or a psychiatrist. I’m just a Mom who was hoping that a little love would help. One month later, I received a call from her telling me she was 7th in her class. I was so proud of her.

I can only imagine what we could do for these girls when they receive the daily counseling that they so desperately need. They will receive it one day. That is one of the most important things we want the girls to have at Inspire the Child. One day, each of the girls will not be lost in their history of death, rape and loss. One day they will BELIEVE that they are not their history, it’s just a part of them. All I want for them is to grow into independent, educated, and self assured young women!

Now, that would make their future so different from their past!!

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