Charity: Water, One Man’s Amazing Story

charity : water

A little over 2 years ago, Scott Harrison was an unhappy but successful events promoter in New York City.  His quest for happiness initially led him  to Liberia on a Mercy Ship floating hospital.

On his 31st birthday (in September of 2006) he decided to ask friends to give money to help his efforts in Africa instead of a gift. Thus was born “The September Campaign” and the non-profit organization Charity : Water.

This year, the Born in September campaign is asking for donations of $33 in the month of September (Scott just turned 33) towards funding wells in Ethiopia.  Their modest goal? To raise $1.5 million and build 333 wells!

Charity: Water gets it.  One of their powerful tools is the way they make every single donor feel and see the tangible results of their donations.  On their website there is a post written on 9.07.08 “Day 1 of Drilling – We Hit Water!” in which Scott shares a video of them actually drilling and when the water comes shooting out of the ground.  We share the excitement and see the people cheering.  We can’t not feel the need to help.

Grassroot efforts work.  Yes, one person CAN make a difference.  So, when is YOUR birthday?


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