Clean Water Project Completed

I received this email from Eric Stowe, the director of A Child’s Right. Enjoy!

Hi all,

Hope this finds you well as the winter starts to thaw off. We even have some rare sunshine here in the Northwest. I wanted to update everyone on our recent Ethiopia Project as well as minor updates on our other programs.


Our recent Ethiopia Project was our first project in Sub-Saharan Africa. Working with 2 orphanages for children living with HIV/AIDS, 1 HIV/AIDS clinic, 2 Children’s Homes and 4 schools, we were able to provide clean drinking water solutions which will now benefit more than 3,000 children annually. A huge round of thanks for the staff at WorldWide Orphans who assisted us at every turn. Our project was so successful that we are scheduling our 2009 project for September with 10 installations targeting more than 5,000 children.
For an overview and a few photos from the project, please see:

Thanks to the Gibson Foundation, WorldWide Orphans Foundation, Mothers Fighting for Others, the Russell Family, Children’s Home Society and Family Services, and Wide Horizons for Children for their support of our Ethiopia Project.
Our China Project is in full swing and we have now done installations for all orphanages in 6 provinces. By October of this year, in conjunction with Western Kentucky University, USAID, and the Russell family we will have added all orphanages in 5 more provinces! We also have some tremendously exciting news on the China Project and will announce this soon- stay tuned as it is rather incredible.
ACR’s newest addition to the team, Lisa Jones (our Development
Director) is currently in Cambodia working on licensure and registration to open our offices this Spring. Thanks to an incredible donation by Dion and George Russell and the Laird Norton Family Foundation we are scheduling more than 40 clean water installations in Cambodia this year. Our Country Director, Kamal Uy, has been hired as well as our primary technician in country so we will be moving swiftly by summer of this year with projects assisting tens of thousands of vulnerable children in 2009.
Nepal is still a very difficult country to work in. With current power outages, lasting as long as 16 hours per day, and frequent water shortages, it is tough to do our work. However, with the support of local Rotarian engineers in Kathmandu, we have put together a solid team here in th
e US and within Nepal to deal with the common difficulties. We will undertake our annual Nepal Project the first week of April and will be supporting 9 schools and 1 rescue home.

Please let us know of any questions you may have. And keep your eyes out for a follow up email regarding our China Project. Amazing things are in motion.

Best, Eric

Eric Stowe
Director – A Child’s Right
Work. 253.238.8766
Cell. 253.225.8703

every child has a right to clean water

I was so very excited to receive the email and see all the amazing photos that were taken on this project. I would like to thank all of our amazing donors that came together and played a part of the Ethiopian Clean Water Project.

This will always remain a passion of mine. I hope in our future we will be able to assist A Child’s Right once again. If you are interested in donating to A Child’s Right 2009/2010 projects, you can contact Eric at

Thanks again to all our donors and good luck Eric on the new projects!

Rocky Sig

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  2. Matt Stigliano March 27, 2009 at 4:10 pm #

    @headmutha Just wanted to drop a comment on the blog as well. Congratulations. I may not be a mother, but I have one, so I’m a supporter. From the little I know about you, I think you do for charity what @ResPres does for real estate. Inspire, educate, and support – all with a passion for your work and for life that simply amazes me. I’m proud to have been introduced (online) to you two. Now go get ’em!

  3. Tracy March 28, 2009 at 11:02 am #

    Totally awesome

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