Clearing Your Computer’s History From Your Abuser

erase-cache-pic.jpgWe need to take steps to protect ourselves. After doing hours upon hours of research on Domestic Abuse, I have read time and time again that the following steps need to be taken in case an abuser is checking your computer.

However depending on your system you might need to take extra steps to prevent these from showing up by following the instructions below at the end of each session:

  • Internet Explorer (PC) Pull down Tools menu at the top of the browser and select Internet Options. Click on the ‘Delete Files’ and ‘Clear History’ buttons on the general page
  • Internet Explorer (Mac) Pull down Edit menu from the top toolbar, and select Preferences. Expand the ‘Web Browser’ item, and select ‘Advanced’. Finally click the ‘Clear History’, and ‘Empty Now’ buttons.
  • Netscape (PC and Mac) Pull Down Edit menu from the top toolbar, and select Preferences. From the Navigator screen, click on ‘Clear History’, and ‘Clear Location Bar’. To clear the cache, select the Advanced option on the left, and then Cache. Finally click ‘Clear Memory Cache, and ‘Clear Disk Cache’.
  • AOL Pull down Members menu, select Preferences. Click on WWW icon. Then select Advanced, and click ‘Purge Cache’.
  • Firefox Pull down Tools menu, select options, click on the Privacy icon, and click ‘Clear Browsing History Now’ button on the history tab. On a Mac you can also scroll down to ‘Clear Private Data.’
  • Opera Pull down Tools menu, select preferences and click on ‘Clear’ on the history tab and ‘Empty Now’ on the cache tab.
  • Safari (Mac) Go to History and scroll down to ‘Clear History.’

Please take the following steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Peace and safety my friends,

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