Earthquake causes China’s Ministries of Health urgent request | Blood donations needed

My husband Tony and I are regulars. Regulars at the blood bank. No, we aren’t vampires, silly…. we have standing appointments every 8 weeks at the Heartland Blood center to give blood. I’m pretty much always about a pint short. 3 weeks ago we were both sick and couldn’t donate but I knew the kids had a blood drive coming up at school so I figured I would just donate then. It only took 20 minutes and yes, I won’t lie, it hurt a bit, but seriously so did having 4 kids!hbclogo.jpg

Given the devastation of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit China on Monday, China’s Ministries of Health have issued an appeal for blood donations to help victims who were injured in the earthquake.

My husband has a lot of friends and co-workers in China that he has met over the years through work. I’ve met some of them too. He just got back from his last trip at the end of January, and I’m so glad he isn’t there now. They are awaiting news to hear how everyone is, but a lot of communication is down and right now it’s nighttime in China. Even while food, medical aid and supplies are being rationed out and are in short supply, there is no rioting, fighting, stealing or looting happening there. The Chinese have an old adage that translates in English to “Eat Bitterness”. Simply put, deal with the cards you are holding.

So, if your healthy… and not pregnant, I encourage you to make an appointment to donate blood today. There will probably be a long time need for it as rescuers locate injured survivors. There are 26,000 people missing in addition to the 15,000 that have already been confirmed dead. Many of them were school aged children and their teachers who were attending school when the quake hit at about 2:20 in the afternoon. In an event like an earthquake, injured victims can survive for great lengths of time trapped under the concrete and debris that fell around them. The need for blood will be great in the days and even weeks to come as they care for the already 64,000 people who have sustained trauma and injuries, and rescue more survivors.

That’s all. Give Blood. Save a life. Spread the word.

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