Eat So They Can!!

eat_so_they_can_logo120Hi Everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news! GVN Foundation has decided to support Mothers Fighting For Others through their largest fundraiser ‘Eat So They Can!’

Eat So They Can is a global fundraising initiative that is sponsored by the Global Volunteer Network, and the GVN Foundation. This year, hosts around the world will share a meal with friends and raise money, and hosts will have the option of donating the funds they raise to Mothers Fighting For Others.  70% percentage of the proceeds will go directly to MFFO!!!  We will head back to Kenya next year and help the amazing people we met at the IDP camps back in April. I am so excited!

We’ve decided to make this a Kids Project. Inspired to make a difference, our own kids have decided to start their own project, Brothers Fighting for Others. Working directly under Mothers Fighting For Others, they will host their own party and invite the kids from the neighborhood to their ‘Eat So They Can’ fundraiser.

Let’s do something different with this and get our kids involved as well! What a great way to teach our kids about the world around us! Get them involved and let them get excited about helping people and making a difference!

It’s really up to you and your kids on what kind of party you would like to have. Your event can be a pancake breakfast, pizza party, or even an ice cream party… how cool would that be?  Party’s around the globe will be happening during the weekend of the 17th and 18th of October, 2009.

How this all works:

1. Sign up as a host by following this link:

2. Organize your event the weekend of October 17-18

3. Invite your friends and ALL their kids!!

4. Collect donations from your friends and submit these to GVN Foundation here:

*Make sure you write ‘Eat So They Can-MFFO’ in the memo so we can tally how much we have raised!!!

Questions? Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind or contact the Eat So They Can host mentor, Eliza, at

Don’t forget to spread the news as well! Go to your Facebook page and Twitter streams as well and get your friends kids involved as well! Let’s see how many Kids Party’s we can organize!

Let’s get moving!!

Rocky Sig

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  1. Diane Aurit August 9, 2009 at 4:46 am #

    Rocky, This is truly awesome. What a great effort on behalf of GVN and how exciting that they are including Mothers Fighting For Others! I love your idea of getting kids involved. How exciting!

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