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Take Action Today! Help the Children of Ethiopia.

UNICEF Mothers Fighting For Others

Dear Racquel,

Famine is often hard to comprehend. Families live meal-to-meal—and tragically, children are the most vulnerable. Today, the global food crisis has made the risk of famine in places like Ethiopia all the more real.

The situation in Ethiopia is dire. More than 125,000 children require urgent emergency nutritional therapy, while an additional six million children are at risk of becoming malnourished and require preventative nutritional supplements.

Today is the perfect time to give. Western Union Foundation has pledged to match up to $25,000 in donations to help address this urgent food crisis.

Please help us raise $25,000 in 10 days for UNICEF’s relief work in Ethiopia.

Your donation will help to meet the immediate needs of children and women throughout the areas most affected by the food crisis. We need to act because malnutrition is entirely preventable. A child with severe acute malnutrition faces a serious risk of death but will recover within three to six weeks with proper treatment.

No child should die of malnutrition. No child should die of a preventable cause. In Ethiopia or anywhere else in the world.

Make a donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF today—double the power of your gift.


Caryl M. Stern
President and CEO, U.S. Fund for UNICEF

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