I feel like I can exhale now. For the past two months I feel like I have been holding my breath and suffocating. It is egotistical of me to feel this way, really. My life is safe here in the states. But because there are children that I know and love living in Kenya, I feel like a part of me is there.

Whatever the case, I am hoping today is a new day for Kenya and its people. Today, Kenyan’s President,kenya-conflict-post.png Mwai Kibaki, and the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, have signed an agreement to share power and start working for peace in their nation. You can read the BBC News report on the updates on Kenya to learn more.

I’ve been in a funk these past few weeks, and with this great news, I realized why. I felt stuck. I have been so worried about the girls at Saint Monica’s. I knew if the crises continued, my work with them would be so much more difficult. I feel like I am so limited already, but to be completely restricted from going back was more than I could bare. I miss the girls so much. My heart aches every day.

And when I do get to chat with them, and listen to them sing, it makes me cry. What I would do to just stay with them for a few days. To let them, remind them, that they are not forgotten and that I think about them every single day.

So this is great news. I am hoping and praying that peace and security will be brought back to this wonderful nation. I am also looking forward to buying my next plane ticket and jumping on the plane to kiss those girls again. I am hoping that will be sooner than later!

Rocky Sig

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  1. Amy February 28, 2008 at 6:24 pm #

    I am exhaling with you!

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