Feeding Our Girls

With the drought in East Africa, our food costs have increased in recent months. It boggles me that even with the cost of food rising, the comparison between my food bill here at home (that feeds eight) and at Saint Monica’s (34 girls, 4 employees and daily local volunteers from the University) are about the same. On average at Saint Monica’s, the food bill is approximately 80,000 schillings a month. That’s about $1000 – $1200 a month, depending on the exchange rate.

The math is insane… that’s about $25 to feed one of our girls for the ENTIRE MONTH!

Our girls now receive fresh fruit and veggies daily. The best part is you can SEE the difference. They are growing like weeds! It’s an amazing thing for me when I go back and they have grown INCHES in just a few months. Food, fuel, nutrition, is an amazing thing. Their bodies grow and their brains function better in school. I LOVE IT!

$25 a month – $300 a year to feed one girl. It’s that simple.

If you would like to help and become one of our Orphanage Food Program Sponsors, just head over to our MFFO DONATE page. When you see the simple math… you understand that every dollar helps!


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