Foreclosures, Homeless Pets and One Remarkable Little Girl

Homeless puppy in shelter

 There are so many innocent victims of the US housing crisis.  Celia’s story about a woman committing suicide (below) is one tragic example.

As a Realtor I not only read about it in the news everyday but I experience it first hand:  the text in the listings:  “Pre-foreclosure, bring all offers”, the anxious sellers waiting for me to show up with my potential buyers, the empty homes in complete disarray as if someone just walked out one day not wanting to turn around and see what they were leaving behind.  These are truly hard times in our country.

Once-in-a-while, during such tragedy emerges some brilliant examples of the best of humanity.  But, one rarely thinks of a 10-year-old girl as one capable of  making such a difference to so many innocent victims…the pets of foreclosure.  There are a growing number of pets of all kinds becoming homeless due to the loss of a home to foreclosure.  I Googled “Homeless Animals Due to Foreclosure” and came up with pages upon pages of links and articles about the number of homeless animals as a direct result of foreclosures and the efforts throughout our country to take care of these treasured pets and family members necessarily left behind.

But one particular story touched me.  A ten-year-old girl from Oregon named Mimi came up with the idea all by herself of creating a website:  where people can play a game she created called the Bow Wow Trivia Game.  Each question answered results in the donation of 20 pieces of kibble.  The more people play Bow Wow, the more kibble will be donated.  On May 14th, 2008 Mimi delivered her first round of free kibble, 240lbs, to the Humane Society of Central Oregon.  Her next delivery was for 500lbs, enough to feed 1,000 dogs for one day!  Sponsors such as pay for the kibble.  Mimi has even added a second game for cats: Free

 Several months ago I wrote two  articles: Raising Children to Make a Difference in the World and Children can  help too.  There is something about the selflessness of a young child that blows me away.  If Mimi can make such a difference, imagine what we can do if we set our mind to it!


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