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Global Action For Children and North American Bear Co have joined forces to create these great little monsters! They were designed by kids for kids. Just another way to get todays youth involved in our Global Community. I think this is a great idea. 10% of the proceeds go to Global Action For Children. ( I do wish more of the proceeds went to Global3175_lo.jpg Action, though)

3172_lo.jpgJust to fill you in, Global Action For Children is a…

nonpartisan, results-oriented organization dedicated to being advocates for orphans and vulnerable children in the developing world. Our mission is to increase the level of funding by the governments of the richest countries for orphans in the poorest countries of the world.

There will be 20 Million orphans in the world by 2010, 20 Million! That’s only three years from now. The crazy thing is these are only children who will loose their parents to HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately millions more will loose their parents to diseases such as malaria and TB.

These children need a voice. Your voice, my voice, our voice.

Global Action For Children is helping them and us give them a voice.3171_lo.jpg

Purchasing one of these little monsters is just an easy way to help. Check out the different monsters below and buy one today!

You can go to FAO Schwarz,, or the MANY OTHER online resources to buy one.


I just might buy them for Christmas!

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