Gratitude Is Thankfulness In Action

The Mothers Fighting for Others fundraiser on November 13th,  was a real spectacle of service. I’ve rarely seen so many volunteers work so hard for a good cause for such a sustained period of time.

MFFO fundraiser

Audrey Forshey and her husband Mike hosted in their home, and with the help of more than a dozen of their friends and colleagues, put together a truly wonderful, moving event. They spent weeks canvassing local businesses for donations to go in the silent auction – in the end, nearly 70 lots were on offer, including paintings, Persian rugs, spa packages, personal chef services, and baby toys. (They also secured donations of two iPads that were raffled off, one online and the other at the event.)

Then there was all of the fabulous food that so many people contributed: Whole roasted salmon, macaroni and Audrey and Mike Forshey introduce MFFO founder Racquel Turnercheese, big salads, roast beef, sushi, and tray after tray of cookies, cakes, and desserts were needed to feed the hundreds of people who moved in and out of the Forshey home throughout the night. (There were also two open bars, all stocked by the volunteers.)

When I arrived and saw how much had been prepared and how many people were running around to take care of all of the last minute details.  I said to MFFO founder Racquel (Rocky) Turner and her husband Jeff, “You must be exhausted after all of this work. Rocky’s reply: It’s all Audrey and her friends. I took two naps today! (She has six kids at home, plus the girls of St. Monica’s in Kenya. If anyone needs a nap or two, Rocky does.)

Some of the art donated by a local gallery for the MFFO fundraiser

I will have more to say about MFFO in future posts. But for now, I just wanted to give credit to the many people who put so much into raising nearly $27,000 ** in one night to make sure that the girls of St. Monicas’ can continue their education for another year. Not everyone can afford to sponsor a girl (or to match the funds of those who donate, as Monica McNamara did), but Audrey and her friends showed that everyone can do something to help others, whether it’s locally or in the developing world.

I was somewhat overwhelmed to witness such a display of joyfully-given service. Thank you to Audrey, Mike, Dede, Nancy, Lavina, Suzanne, Connie, Jim, Maria, Delores, Gisela, and everyone else whose names passed me by. You gave me a great example of carrying out much-needed service with a smile when called upon to do so.

The volunteers who made the MFFO fundraiser happen (Photo: Jeff Turner)-Jackie Danickiw*This post was written by Jackie Danicki, an inspiration and humanitarian in our eyes, who currently works for Concern and was a guest at the Gift of Education Fundraiser.**All Donations are finally in and the total raised was $32,096.57

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  1. Ibk January 6, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    Just want to let you that I am proud and excited about about what you are doing. You are really appreciated. Thanks for stepping in.

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