Half a Million and Counting

That’s the number of children in the American foster care system today.

Specifically, 508,406.29% of them will be there three years or more. And at 18, they’re out of the system.

You don’t have to raise them to help them. You just have to raise your hand and say you’ll help.

Raise Me Up is a new initiative to show people the real difference they can make in the life of one of these foster children, simply by getting involved in a number of different ways.

Sponsored by Casey Family Programs, the nation’s largest operating foundation dedicated to improving foster care, the “Raise Me Up” campaign is aimed at sparking community involvement and raising awareness to help children in foster care. The more people know about the facts of foster care, the more we can do to improve the lives of children who experience it.

Research shows that young people in foster care are more likely than their peers in the general population to experience homelessness, poverty, poor health, unemployment, prison and other adversities after they leave the foster care system.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When communities get involved, a world of better possibilities opens for children. Raise Me Up aims to strengthen families and motivate caring adults to guide vulnerable children to a brighter future.

Click here to learn more or help Raise Them Up.

Shelley Seale Sig

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