(Hallmark)Red Introduces The Mali Mud Bag

I just love this idea. For me, there is nothing better in this world than empowering women. And Hallmark and (Product)Red have done just that. The Mali Bag is described as

Bogolan (or mud cloth), a traditional fabric art form, is handmade by artisans in Mali, West Africa. The cloth is hand woven into strips from 100% unbleached Malian cotton, hand-tinted using clay from the Niger River and then laid out in the hot West African sun. This is the first export to use Mali’s African Growth and Opportunities Act textile visa. Each bag is handmade, and may have slight imperfections. Hand wash only. Includes a free full-sized Hallmark greeting card, with your personal message.

There are three bags available and it’s as easy as a few clicks to Buy Your Own Mali Bag From (Hallmark)Red. All bags are approximately 10 1/2″H. x 12″W. and are amazingly priced at $19.99.

hallmark product red Bali Bags1

This first is the Banamba Bag. The pattern “represents a peaceful family or village. It reminds us that through friendship and community, we create harmony by welcoming everyone with hospitality.” The middle one is the KaliKali Bag. This pattern “the roads that may lead us astray, reminding us to pay attention to the paths we follow and to choose a straight or honorable path in life.” The last Bali bag is the Finkumba Bag. The pattern “encourages us to become living crossroads, where people with different perspectives find common ground.”

Here is a great video explaining how the bags are made and how your purchase can help! I hope you take a minute and check out all of the (Hallmark)Red products. I think I’m asking for one of these beautiful bags for Mothers Day. Enjoy!
Rocky Sig

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  1. Lola Audu March 31, 2008 at 11:18 am #

    These bags are beautiful! I especially love the meaning…these messages demonstrate some of the best qualities in African communal life & in the community that we all share as inhabitants of the earth.


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