Honduras… Can You Give Your Heart?

Honduras MFFOHonduras is a land of contrasts, a land of poverty, a land of oppression, a land of superstition, a land of disease, a land of despair, and a land of crime.  The city of San Pedro Sula, is the industrial hub of the country.  There are churches, museums, tall office buildings, supermarkets and malls.  The industries are cigars, clothing, bananas, and wire harnesses for the automobile industry. These industries throughout the country employ only 130,000 people.  The city neighborhoods, or ghettos, are divided up throughout the city.  San Pedro Sula is considered “the city of violence”.  The gross national product per capita is only $1,600, making Honduras one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.  Despite all of this, the Honduran people are in general cheerful, and friendly.  TheyMFFO Honduras welcome and appreciate help from mission groups.

The high school and college group from Kennesaw First Baptist Church, in Kennesaw, Georgia will be traveling to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in July 2009, from the 11th -18th.  We will be led by Dan Moran with his international ministries, which is based in Birmingham, Alabama.  Dan leads several trips to Honduras a year.  He works with a ministry director located in the country of Honduras, who handles the logistics at that end, and matching the team with the need.  Some of the things we will be doing are:

Working with local feeding centers
Ministering in daycare centers
Working with our partnering church, Jerusalem Baptist
Crusades in local schools and at the new church site
VBS at day care centers and churches (possible)
Construction project with Jerusalem Baptist and their daughter church (possible)

My passion for missions is coupled with my passion for teens.  Especially for seeing teens involved in missions.  Involving teens in missions is a life changing experience.

MFFO Honduras 2

This opens their eyes to the difficulties some people face, and the obstacles before them.  It opens their hearts to a life of service to other people.  Being involved in

mission projects help the teens and adults be more aware and grateful of the advantages we have, and thankful for our freedoms.

A website and blog has been created to support the mission trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  It is called My Heart For Honduras.  We have a special way for you to help us accomplish this trip.  It has to do with CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!  Before you do any internet shopping for Christmas, please check out our site to see how you can give your heart for Honduras.

 Kathleen Couch

*Kathleen was asked to be a guest writer today on MFFO. We applaud and are inspired by her work and her passion. Kathleen was a volunteer youth director for a total of 20 years for several churches, depending on where her husband’s employment took her, Kathleen realized the best activities were ones that led teens to serve others.  At the present time she works with the teens in her church to serve others in mission projects.  Some of these are local, some in other places in the U.S., and some overseas.  One of the side benefits of this is the teens who participate have a life changing experience, and it develops them into a person who cares about his fellow man.

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