How It All Began For Me

The last few months have been a quite an experience. I will try to describe the roller coaster I’ve been on since February and hope that it all makes sense! The days that have followed have given greater meaning to my life and filled me with a purpose…

In February of this year, I became a member of a website for moms, called Café Mom. Nothing really monumental, but in the grand scheme of things, I had no idea how that decision… and watching Oprah, would put catapult me toward becoming a person of action!

It was at Café Mom that I met my very dear friend, Rocky Turner. Rocky is the founder of, and she and her husband Jeff are the proud parents of SIX, adorable children. Her, tell it like it is t-shirt business, first made me take notice of the work that she was doing. Shirts with sayings like… “You silly little man. You wouldn’t last one day in this hood!” and “24-7-365, Muthahood Ain’t for Sissies!”

Her blogs are funny, insightful and witty. It was there that I began to learn more about the global causes she supported, and more importantly, about the world beyond my back door.

We exchanged numbers in on Café Mom, and before long, we were calling each other 3-4 times a day. We did this between feeding and caring for the 10 kids we have between us every day! All while entertaining a 2 hour time difference!

It was in these conversations, that the idea for Mothers Fighting for Others was born.

Deciding that we still wanted to do more than spread awareness, we went a step further to make Mothers Fighting for Others a 501-C non-profit organization, which will become final later this week!!! We are so excited to have the opportunity to take our dream for Mothers Fighting for Others in this direction!

We have several projects that we are working on, including partnering with A Child’s Right, to bring 10 water filtration systems to orphanages in Guatemala, as well as, the One on One Project which we have submitted to American Express for consideration in the Members Project.

Project Description:
Uniting individual companies with individual orphanages all over the world. One On One will match businesses of all sizes with orphanages whose needs will be directly and specifically addressed by that single business. The goal is to use the power of one on one relationships, to the benefit of both. The orphanage wins because they have a single additional resource on which they can depend. The corporation wins, because they have the ability to see and feel how their dollars are directly impacting the lives of children. There is power in relationships. One On One will enhance that power and deliver a unique giving experience, one that will change lives on both sides by providing Internet technologies to unite real people with real people. They’ll see the progress, feel the change, know each other in ways unavailable through other organizations. Through Chat, Video and other real time and dynamic forms of electronic communication, we will engage people on a very real and personal level. One On One.

If you have an American Express account you can login, and vote for our idea. The more “conversation” that takes place on our idea, the better the odds we have of winning! Also, when you log in to access your American Express account, $1 gets donated to the funds for the charity that wins… up to $5 million dollars! As of right now there are more than 4,000 entries and ideas, so we need your help to bring us closer to being chosen for the prize!

We’d love your support and suggestions as we begin working on fundraising efforts for our organization. Do you have a resource or acquaintance that would be interested in networking with us?

We are moms answering a call to provide the basic necessities of life to all children. We are moms lending the power of our own opportunity to those that are less fortunate. We are moms acting as the voice of those who have none.

We are… Mothers Fighting for Others.

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3 Responses to “How It All Began For Me”

  1. HeadMutha ~ Rocky June 11, 2007 at 5:20 am #

    I am so excited about our future. Thanks for taking this ride with me!

  2. Roxy June 11, 2007 at 2:31 pm #

    Julie – thanks! Thanks for listening to that little voice that says: there is more than this! You, Rocky and a few others are women who have inspired me… and it’s a good thing!

  3. Tracy June 12, 2007 at 12:40 pm #

    Julie ~ thank you for inspiring me. Keep up the great work as you and Rocky keep me motiviated..

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