I hope you dance!

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 It started like any traditional birthday party.  My friend Jackie had hit one of the milestone years and her grown children (ages 27 and 29) had decided to give her a surprise party. 

Knowing very few of her friends, I chatted politely for an acceptable amount of time and was ready to leave when her husband stopped me and said “Don’t you want to see the show?”  Well, of course I stayed. 

Twenty minutes later there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Her children started their show by sharing with us how every evening while their mom was tucking them into bed she would sing her favorite song:  I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack.  One by one the photos of their childhood flashed up on the screen as I hope you dance was playing in the background.  Jackie was singing along, her eyes welling up with tears of joy and love as she watched and remembered the precious moments of her children pass by. 

I have always felt there was something very special about Jackie. Her contagious joy of life and caring spirit are ever present and it was clear to me that night that her children deeply appreciated their mothers unwavering love and encouragement. 

Today, as I write this and think about our Inspire the Child program, similar thoughts and pictures come to mind of our remarkable founder and mom Rocky surrounded by the orphan girls in Kenya whom she loves so much.  If you look at the photos, the laughter and love is on every girls face.  Whether Rocky is hugging them, playing with them or handing out school backpacks, the joy on the girls faces show how much they need and thrive on her unconditional love and inspiration that their mothers were unable to give to them. 

In a week, Rocky will be off to Kenya just to make sure that her girls, our girls, have everything they need for the start of their school year.  But, most importantly, she decided to go there because she sensed that they needed to be reminded that they are loved and that she and all of the wonderful women of Mothers Fighting for Others will be there for them so that they too can grow up with dreams and a sense of safety.

 For our girls, and for our own children here at home, lets all sing softly:  I hope you dance!

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