I Need A Doctor ~ I Need Your Help

Last month I wrote a post about a young man named Kimmie Weeks. He was one of the Brick Award winners in April. I was impressed to say the least. So what did I do? I emailed him. I was so happy to get a response. Our last correspondence was about the plight of one little boy. Sah, is a three year old little guy, who lives in a refugee camp in Sierra Leone with his parents. He has a very large growth at the base of his spinal cord and he is unable to walk. He now has large sores on his feet due to immobility. Sah needs help NOW.

Here is the latest video of Sah. It is hard to watch. But he is a Mothers son.
And they need our help.

He needs to come to America.

I need to find him a Doctor, a Surgeon, and a Hospital. I need airline miles to fly him and his parents here. And they need a host family in the city where the surgery will take place.


I need your help. The best way we can get the news out is to start telling his story to everyone we know.

Please help me. Please pass this post on to anyone you might know who might know someone who can help Sah.

Thank you in advance. Peace my Friends.

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  1. shawn June 6, 2007 at 4:13 am #

    We are proud to say that your blog has been picked up by our face aids widget – it searches the web for African aids related info and displays it on behalf of the Faceaids charity – you can view it on the http://www.faceaids.org website or at http://www.realtimematrix.com

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