In Search of One Authentic Self…

Being an authentic self is a full time job at anytime of the year. So much so that during the holiday season with the business of shopping, decorating and party making, I wrestle to prevent my authentic self from becoming lost in a rustle of tissue and wrapping paper.

But it is precisely this frenetic activity which compels me towards a deeper yearning for peace. The kind that comes from a quiet ease within oneself. The peace that distills the weighty concerns of day-to-day life into a tamed murmur. A stillness that allows me to hear the music which dances around within my soul.

I think that finding this peace is the most precious gifts of the season. A season in which we commemorate the birth of the Prince of Peace. It strikes me that this prince arrived incognito in the most distilled form possible…the essence of one tiny microscopic cell, an embryo implanted within a virgins womb.

Only God knows what went through Mary’s mind. But, we do know that she agreed to be a vehicle of grace. Giving her body to shelter a cell; a miracle which divided and multiplied until it slowly formed the body of an infant. A heavenly King who choose to enter the human race in the most helpless fashion possible.
It is in this selfless example of the simplest form of authentic self that I find the greatest encouragement. I’ve come to realise that peace will not arrive at my doorstep wrapped in a tidy bow, nor will it descend on my habitat simply because I choose to totally tune out all discordant noise. The message of the Prince of Peace is to find a stillness within the chaos, not a withdrawal from the messiness of life.

Peace does not require the absence of activity, it in fact demands it. It also necessitates the courage to become willing to become small in manner which serves another’s ability to grow into their greatness.

It is this gift of peace which brought God to earth. It is the unique gift of Presence that is offered to All without strings attached. Peace which embodies the recognition of God’s Divine Grace in every living thing and cherishes each life as though God Himself walked amongst us. Because in Truth…He still does.

Lola Audu

2 Responses to “In Search of One Authentic Self…”

  1. kelley Zehngut December 16, 2008 at 7:48 pm #


    I love this single line:

    It also necessiates the courage to become willing to become small in manner which serves another’s ability to grow into their greatness.

    You write so beautifully, happy holidays!
    MFFO Kelley Z

  2. Fran Gaspari December 19, 2008 at 7:19 pm #

    Mothers are the most powerful single block of individuals on Earth…more powerful than any liberal, conservative, or even terrorist groups…
    The single ‘yes’ of a Mother over 2000 years ago brought to Earth the Savior of The World…
    I strongly support and encourage the work of Mothers who fight for the rights of the disenfranchised among us!!!
    Merry Christmas and Thank You, Fran

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