In Search of Passion…

I’m reflecting on three random events that I’ve observed this past week.

  • 1.  This week I catch a matinee performance of the film Julia & Julia.  Afterword, I’m consumed with an intense desire to cook something imaginative!  Alas, my efforts don’t yield anything close to Julia Child’s culinary creations…
  • 2.  Tuning in to watch the President address the nation and congress about the healthcare reform my attention is arrested by one man who cannot contain his passionate disagreement and yells out ‘You Lie‘ while the President is speaking.  I’m stunned…
  • 3.  Oprah launches her 24th Season with a live performance by the Black Eyed Peas.  What arrests my attention is not the show on stage but rather the show OFF stage in which a crowd of thousands performs an orchestrated dance which pulsates with live electricity.  I’ve never seen anything like it.   It’s called a ‘flash mob.’
My heart in your hands

My heart in your hands

(photo is courtesy of aussiegirl on flickr)

What underscores all of these random moments is Passion.  Passion for the perfection of the art of cooking, passion against perceptions and fears about a proposal, and the ebullient passion of a random crowd of strangers gathering together to create a spontaneous moment of celebration.

Passion is raw power.  It has the ability to move us to embrace our better selves or induce us to display our basest instincts.  Passion can embody good or ill, light or darkness.  Passion always creates a difference, but we must decide what kind of difference.

Passion colors life with vibrancy. Without passion, life is lived in between hues of dull grey.


Is the inspiration behind genius.


Is  purity which Loves for it’s own sake

Passion harbors gritty endurance

That withstands the gale of withering opposition

Passion is a nectar…

Which provides sustaining grace in the face of extreme odds.

Passion is the gift of insight which perceives a reality obscured to the casual observer.

Passion plays center stage in it’s own  drama

And dances to the beat of an unknown drummer

Passion manufactures it’s own joy…

And nourishes it’s own truth

Passion understands it’s own unique sorrows

And endures to reap it’s own peculiar Reward.

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