Invisible Children

Invisible Children are the displaced youth of war torn Northern Uganda.

A civil war began there nearly 20 years ago when the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) rebelled against the Ugandan government.

10 years ago the people of Uganda were given 48 hours to leave their homes and travel to designated areas without any provided food, water or shelter. The children were being kidnapped to become soldiers for the LRA and were being stolen from their homes in the night. The desperate living conditions in the refugee camps from the last 10 years, has given way to starvation, death and disease.

The atrocities suffered by these displaced people, has led to a movement being led by a group of young film makers who documented the suffering that is still taking place in Uganda.

That movement is Invisible Children.

The most inspiring part of this organization is that it is being led by the next generation. It’s young people, inspiring other young people, to be the hand that reaches out to the global community.

Consider hosting a screening of Invisible Children by having a House Party.

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Here is the proof that getting involved works!

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