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just-give.jpgHow simple that sounds. Two small four letter words. It is so easy to just give to someone. Some people give so much and some give just the right amount. Search inside your soul to find out if you want to Just Give. I stumbled upon Just Give as I googled Domestic Violence charities. It amazed me as it appeared before my eyes how many different options they have for you. So many to choose from. If you click Just Give Domesitc Violence Charities you can see for yourself that there are at least ten different places for you to look into. You can donate monetarily, volunteer your time or even add this charity to your wedding registry if you are about to be married. Could you imagine how wonderful your soul would feel donating something to charity instead of receiving for yourself?

I want to commit myself to working toward the day when all women and men will be safe and abuse will be no more. Violence against women, inside or outside the home, is never justified. Violence in any form—physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal is wrong.

When you give to someone the gratitude you feel is very overpowering. It will make you realize that you have just helped save another soul from the torture that they are enduring everyday.

I thank you from all the battered men and women out there. I know, I was there years ago. In my heart I know when we work together as a team, anything is possible.

So please, go visit Just Give and take a look for yourself.

Tracy Sig

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  1. lesley Nurse June 14, 2008 at 10:20 pm #

    I am the author of “’19 reasons why he really left you honey” and one chapter in my book discusses domestic violence. It came to me that women and teenagers would like to read this book. (it’s actually about empowerment and faith) Can someone please call me? i’d like to donate some copies.
    646 240 1633


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