Local Walk for Cancer gets kids involved


You may have heard me talk about an organization I am passionate about in my local neighborhood, The Miami Shores Heidi Hewes Chapter of the Woman’s Cancer Association of The University of Miami.  Yes the name is long, but we refer to it as “Heidi Hewes Chapter of the WCA” locally.  I’ve been involved with this cause for almost 4 years now in all kinds of roles including president.   What’s amazing about this organization is that it is a purely a volunteer effort where 100% of proceeds go directly to cancer research.

The organization is composed of a diverse group of Miami Shores residents (and also various close-by neighborhoods) who unselfishly give their time and talents organizing different fundraisers.  We meet the first Wednesday of every month at one of the member’s houses.  There are 2 main fundraisers every year, The Miami Country Day Walk for Cancer and The Miami Shores Homes for the Holiday Walk.  This coming Saturday is the Miami Country Day Walk for Cancer, hosted by the school and organized by the students.

I recently attended the school’s Walk for Cancer Assembly that gets the kids pumped to reach their goal – to raise $50,000 to benefit our “Heidi Hewes Chapter” – here’s what I said about that assembly,

Miami Country Day brought the reality of cancer to the assembly by inviting Dr. John Goldberg from The University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – a pediatric oncologist who specializes in the early phase of clinical trials.  Dr. Goldberg explained how seed money is used to start research and how his team is responsible in many cases, for taking the lab research projects to clinical trials that give hope to real terminal patients -  in some cases even 5 week old infants with Leukemia.

After talking to Dr. Goldberg for a while, I realized how important our grass roots efforts are – the fact that we help fund, with seed money, different research projects, is what gives the chance of life to many.  Dr. Goldberg was so grateful and explained how many of his clinical trials, which have saved many lives, would not be possible without the help from organizations like ours.  (SIGH) – talk about reality slapping you in the face and realizing that we are making a difference.

The Miami Country Day Walk for Cancer will be held this Saturday, October 24th at 7:30 AM at Miami Country Day School (located at 601 NE 107th St. – North Miami, FL 33161-7199  (305) 756-1207).  If you cannot attend but want to help our organization, consider sponsoring the Holiday Walk (sponsorships available in $100, $250, $500, $1000 increments or more).

Please consider getting involved at a local level – you will experience a real sense of community that is absolutely priceless.  Also take a look at what was accomplished at BlogWorld this past week with the help of Social Media.


The Guinness World Record #BeatCancer event is officially over….Thanks to all of you who have tweeted, put up Facebook Posts & mentioned #BeatCancer in your blogs. In the end, you helped raise more than a penny per tweet. In all, four cancer organizations have earned over $70,000.


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