Look Out … for the Children

For the Children
If you keep your eyes open, you’ll notice many opportunities to help children. Those that are quietly standing by, with their innocence, sometimes not realizing that they are missing out.

Last week it was as simple as a conference I had with my daughter’s teacher. She had asked earlier for donations of $2.50 for a weekly magazine for the classroom. While at the conference, I asked if she needed some extra money so each child would have their own subscription. “Well….”, she said, and I knew that there were some gaps. I handed over some cash I had scrunched in my wallet.

Sometimes it is as simple as a winter coat. Many coat drives will be taking place in various areas, do you have an outgrown winter coat that you keep meaning to donate in the back of the closet – get to it !

Many kids don’t have someone to speak up and ask if they are in need. Keep your eyes open for the opportunities to reach a young heart. It doesn’t have to be a $10,000 gift of humanity. Every little bit helps.

We can make a difference and Inspire the Child.
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