Looking Great and Making a Difference All At Once


This T-Shirt can make a difference in someones life. This is Gap’s (PRODUCT) REDâ„¢ INSPI(RED) T-Shirt. I have three. It is the softest, most comfortable cotton T-shirt I have ever owned. It is made of 100% African cotton and I LOVE IT!

The (Red) Campaign was created by both Bono and Bobby Shriver to help raise awareness and money for women and children who have HIV/AIDS in Africa through The Global Fund. Gap (PRODUCT) REDTM is just one of the many products that (Red) has to offer. I just thought I would introduce Gap (PRODUCT) REDTM today to start.

I took this from The (RED) website so you could see how it works.howredworks.gif

So, locate your local Gap or go to Gap.com to get all the cool (PRODUCT) REDTM products.

Looking this good has never felt so great!

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