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I sat down this past weekend to read the local newspaper as I always do on Wednesday. It’s filled with usual grand openings, want ads, and local events. I love catching up with what’s going on in the community, but this week something very interesting caught my eye…

In the Around Town section of the Plainfield Sun was an article on Lorelei Blackburn, a librarian from the local Plainfield Library.

lorelei-blackburn.jpgLorelei recently spent a month in Uganda, in Africa, teaching and spending time with the orphans of this war torn country.

One very interesting thing she said in the article that struck a chord with me was:

“You can only change things for one person at a time. Then, that one person can change things for others, and that can multiply.”

No truer words have been spoken, it’s all about paying it forward.

During the time that she spent there she learned that the boys in the orphanage dream of earning enough money to buy a house, (a mud hut with a dirt floor), and the girls all dream of being nurses.

Lorelei now hopes to start a foundation to raise money for the students educations. Of all the things the kids had asked for the two books that topped the lists… Bibles and English dictionaries.

Because the tribes in Uganda are in constant war with one another, the country is in a constant state of poverty. Ugandan culture frowns upon questioning governing authority.

The economy is based heavily on agriculture, and most young men will either become farmers or dig ditches for a living.

“You must speak English well to go to school. If you don’t you are going to be a digger.”

Malaria is a huge problem in Uganda, and as in many, many areas in Africa, and there is very little health care available. Because of this, there are very few members of the population who are over 40, a realization Lorelei came to one afternoon.

The students she taught were amazed by the photos of the stoves that American’s cooked on; in beautiful and clean kitchens.

Lorelei donated books that she and her colleagues at the library had collected for the students. The students sent her home with letters to President Bush, which she promised she would mail to him.

They may also become part a book that she plans on writing chronicling her experience.

“It’s a place I can never forget.”

It’s people like Lorelei, Rocky, Juli and our good friend Tracy, that make me realize I’ve only begun to put a dent in the bucket of “change” I plan to make on this world.

So, back to that first quote from Lorelei…. it made me think. I’ve got one chance to do things right by my kids.

If I can do one thing for my kids, now and in the future; it will be to make them part of the “multiplication” Lorelei was talking about. I have an opportunity, as all mothers do, to teach my kids about what is really important in life.

If I can raise these 4 impressionable lives to, not turn their backs on those who can’t help theme-selves… then, and only then, will we see the fruit of the labor here on MFFO. Teaching the next generation to care. That’s something simple we can all start to do right now.

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  1. Herman October 31, 2007 at 10:26 am #

    Excellent blog! Very inspirational – a breath of fresh air in a world that is increasingly becoming clouded by the staleness of selfish individuality.

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