Love Is Never Limited By Distance or Time

My dear friend, Lola, said this to me months ago. I thought it was so powerful at the time that I wrote it down.

I understand it now more than ever. Being away from the girls at Saint Monica’s for months at a time has taught me this. I know for me, they are with me, on my mind, and in my heart, every single day.  I worry about them more than the children that live in my house. Why? Because I know my “American” children are going to a good school, being fed healthy food, can receive medical treatment when needed, and have two parents who tell them every single day they are loved, unconditionally.

For our daughters in Kenya, that is not the case. I am not there everyday, or every week, or even every month. They only saw me once in 2008. I have already been twice just this year, with my last trip just being short of four months ago.

I am heading back to Kenya next weekend.

Why so soon?  There are two reasons for my return to Kenya this month. The first is to get the High School girls their supplies to them for their last term of school. The second is to assure them of everything.  And I mean everything. They have lost everything in their life, their home, their security, their dignity, and the love from a Mother and Father.

I am doing everything I can to change that. If that means I need to go to Kenya, if only for a few days, to assure them I am dedicated to them, I will. If they need to see my face to know that I… that we, and I mean every single one of you who have donated to MFFO,  are still committed to their education, I will. If they need to be hugged and kissed for the entire five days I am on the ground to prove our love to them once again, I will. They have been disappointed enough. They have been hurt and lied to, raped, abandoned, and taken advantage of enough in their lives. My job is to prove to them that love can be unconditional. That we will take care of them. That we will always and forever be bound together.

My goal is to make sure they understand that love is never limited by distance or time.

Rocky Sig

2 Responses to “Love Is Never Limited By Distance or Time”

  1. Jason Doherty September 18, 2009 at 8:33 pm #

    I am so excited to see you on Sunday! You are an inspiration and an a model, not of how “mothers” should be, but “people” In general. Keep leading with your heart!

  2. Lesley October 14, 2009 at 1:08 pm #

    I do orphan work in Russia and if I could have put into words the love and feelings I have for my Russian children, it would look and read exactly like this. You write so beautifully…thank you. I am an American mom of three, trying to do this work that I know, that I know, that I know, I am on this planet to do. Every moment I am not there with them, I am thinking of them, trying to get back. I tell people all the time, if I have to sell everything I have to get back to those kids, so that they know that I am forever thinking of them, and loving them as my own, I would do it. Each moment I am with them is the most priceless gift I can imagine. God bless you and your work. I relate to your emotions so closely. I thank you for what you are doing. P.S. My husband is my most excellent support in this work, and it sounds like yours is too. We are blessed in so many ways.

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