Making a Difference, YOU Can Do It!


Are you thinking about doing some sort of  hands-on volunteer work but are lost when it comes to what will fit in your lifestyle and capabilities? 

Perhaps you don’t think you have anything to offer or that being a volunteer for the high-profile organizations like the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army won’t work within your work schedule? 

YOU CAN help others.  It’s just a matter of finding a way that is meaningful to you. But, how do you find a way to get involved that will speak to your own heart and use your own unique talents?  The answers are probably all around you, all you need to do is slow down and take a look. 

NBC Nightly News has an incredibly inspiring weekly segment on Fridays called “Making a Difference”.   From three mothers coming together to save their local public swimming pool to retired veterans making toys,  to a homeless man who brought a local, abandoned baseball diamond back to life , the stories are a great reminder that anyone can help others.

If you go to this link:  Making A Difference, you can watch over 40 news segments about the incredibly ingenious ways regular people like you and me have touched the lives of others.  (Sorry, you have to sit through a couple of commercials but it is worth it!) So, wait until you have some quiet time, click on the link and get inspired!

Please come back and let us know what way you have found to make a difference.  Or, if you are already making a difference, please share your story with us. 


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