Young children and pregnant women are most likely to become severely ill and die after an infectious mosquito bite. Yes, a mosquito bite. 3,000 children die every day. That is over 1 million deaths every year caused by infectious mosquito bites caring a disease called malaria.

Malaria has been brought under control and even eliminated in many parts of Asia, Europe and the Americas. Yet in Africa, malaria infections have actually increased over the last three decades. 40% of the world’s population is still at risk.

Malaria is both a cause and consequence of poverty and contributes to the extreme poverty in Africa. Annual economic loss in Africa due to malaria is estimated to be $12 billion. is working to end deaths due to malaria by providing bed nets to every family in Africa that needs one.

The African malaria mosquitoes generally bite late at night or early morning. Mosquito nets can accommodate more than one person – a mother and an infant or a few siblings – for up to three to five years.

mom-and-child.jpgYou can help save lives by donating a bed net and by spreading the word! Click HERE to buy your net for a family.

It’s hard to sit back and do nothing when beautiful little children and babies are dieing every 30 seconds from a PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE disease.

April 2007 was the 1st ever Malaria Awareness Month. If we all get involved, we can put an end to this deadly disease.

Do you think most Americans are aware of what a huge problem this is? We, at Mothers Fighting For Others, know. Together, we can save families.

Robin Sig

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  1. Prof. Stuart A. Hoenig August 11, 2007 at 8:39 pm #

    I work with a company that produces electrically chargeed plastic and fiber, it holds the charge for several years. We have found that bug are killed or driven away if they touch it. Since mosquitos can’t land on it they can’t lay egges that hatch through and do the biting.

    Are you interested, I can send some samples of the solid material and if you like it we can talk to the Compay about doing some netted material.

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