National Day of Action – November 17

Join us on October 17 for CARE’s National Day of Action. On this day, thousands of CARE supporters like you and me will gather with friends old and new in our homes, coffeehouses and other places in our communities. We will talk about what life is like for women and families living in poverty around the world, and the kind of world we can create when women and girls everywhere have the tools they need to live free from poverty. More than that, we will take action to make this happen.

On October 17, Americans will stand in solidarity with people fighting poverty around the world. CARE’s National Day of Action takes place on October 17 — the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.Do your part by joining other passionate, dedicated individuals who believe the United States can do more to help people overcome poverty and reach their full potential. You will be giving a voice to the voiceless, and multiplying efforts to help people everywhere live in dignity and security.

It’s easy to get involved — CARE will provide tools, information and materials — you just need to add friends! Gather your family, coworkers, teammates and classmates — whomever you like —to learn how to take concrete actions to advance U.S. policies to empower women. Whether your event is a small gathering of friends first learning about global poverty or a large party of people dedicated to sending powerful messages to members of Congress, you have the resources here to make your National Day of Action event a resounding success!

To help you get started, download the National Day of Action Toolbox today!

Click here to learn more about what CARE volunteers are doing around the country on October 17.

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