A New Home – A New Life

My name is Rocky. I founded Mothers Fighting For Others for 34 reasons. Here are the 34 beautiful reasons. These girls aren’t just children to me. They are MY children.

It was easy to fall in love with these girls almost two and half years ago. It hasn’t been easy taking care of them. 9,667 miles stand between us. The ten hour time difference can make it difficult to have phone conversations. They have no internet access. Postal service is expensive and painfully time consuming. And extreme cultural differences between their guardian and myself have made it even harder.

But through all of these obstacles, I am still fighting for them. I am fighting against their gender inequality, for their right to an education, their right to feel loved, and most importantly, right now, their right to be in a safe and spirit lifting environment. And it’s hard. It’s hard to do it, to fight for them, while I’m 9,667 miles away.

Others Fight With Me.

My partners, my dear friends in Kenya, are working hard as well. They are taking the necessary steps to get guardianship and finding the space available for the girls to live. We are working together with Stepwise to help the girls, to create a loving, nurturing, and most importantly, spirit lifting place for them to grow up. They have all been through things, horrible things that children that shouldn’t ever go though. I won’t discuss them, that is their story to tell. That is their history to overcome. But they need our help.

We need to be their voice.

We need to be their advocates.

We need to be the ones that are fighting for them.

To do this, we need your assistance. We need the help of your friends, your family and your co-workers. We need the help of the social media world to take the steps required to help them change their lives, to change their futures. This is the real power of social media.

We want to change their future. To do that, we must change their present. We want them to live in a place that is filled with hope, filled with love, and a place where they can heal. With these things in place, they will be able overcome their pasts. They will create a new future for themselves. We want to build a new home for them so they can achieve all of this.

We need your help.

100% of the funds raised will go toward the creation of a new home for these 34 Kenyan girls. Click here to learn how the $50,000 will be spent.


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