Not an Urban Legend in Pakistan | Pakistan Kidneys Sold on the Grey Market

We got an extra newspaper last month.

The Chicago Tribune sent a complimentary issue, and as usual, the reason we only subscribe to the Sunday paper, I didn’t have time to read it. I put it with the newspapers we recycle and happened to glance at an article that instantly caught my eye.

“Desperation Spurs Poor Pakistanis To Sell Kidneys”

After reading the article I was shocked.

061112_kidneys_hmed_6p_hmedium.jpg I was utterly stunned to learn that human beings were actually selling their organs to escape poverty. Mothers, Fathers, and grown children, were willing to risk their lives and their health to give their families and children a chance at a better life. Free from slavery. Free from debt. Sold for less than $1500, or less!

I was also shocked to learn that there was now some documented truth to having your organs stolen for transplant by someone who profited from the donor / recipient relationship.

We have progressed as human beings in so many ways.

Sometimes I wonder how our humanity lags so far behind our technology?

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