I received this email from on Friday. If you’re not a ONE member, please join. It’s as easy as going to the site and logging on.

Dear ONE Member,

High food and fuel prices continue to have a catastrophic impact on the world’s poorest people and threaten to roll back some of the great progress we’ve made alleviating poverty in areas including AIDS, malaria, and education.

Later this month, world leaders are going to the United Nations in NYC. They’ll be discussing the world’s progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)—critical issues like health, education and water. They must also act on the food and hunger crisis. There are 30 countries in immediate need of emergency food assistance and essential seeds and fertilizer.  These countries have created specific plans to feed the hungry and prevent future crises by enabling people to provide for themselves. Meeting these emergency needs requires $1 billion in funding by the end of this year.

As world leaders come together for the United Nations summit, please ask them to close the book on the hunger crisis. Please click below to add your name to our petition asking them to do so:

The petition reads:

Please provide life-saving food and essential seeds and fertilizer to the 30 countries that need it most by filling the 2008 food and agriculture funding gap of $1 billion without delay.
If our leaders don’t answer the need for food and agricultural development, these victories will be blunted by the immediacy of the unresolved hunger crisis. Thankfully, there is a window of opportunity to end the hunger crisis, and we have the ability to urge world leaders into action.

Thank you,

David Lane,

I love Take a moment and check out the site and see what you can do.

Rocky Sig

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