Shelley SealeShelley Seale is a freelance journalist based in Austin, Texas whose work has been featured in dozens of publications and websites. Her book The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India depicts her journey into orphanages and through the streets and slums of India, where for millions of children the lives depicted in the movie Slumdog Millionaire are their everyday reality. You can buy the book at http://weightofsilence.wordpress.com.

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Diane Aurit PhotoA graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a BA in English in 1974, Diane is truly a product of the 1960’s. A Realtor since 1991 and a mother of two children in their 20’s, her personal mission has always been to make a difference. From civil rights to fair housing and now child abuse she follows her deep-rooted passion to help those that don’t know how or simply can’t help themselves. She currently serves on the Board of Directors.

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Lola photoI’m a daughter of a wise woman, a wife of a gentle man and a mother of 2 sons whom I call my angels. I am a woman who seeks to grow daily in wisdom and understanding. I am the recipient of much grace and compassion within the circle of human beings whom I count as friends. I currently serve on the Board of Directors here at MFFO.

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Head Mutha Photo 100My name is Racquel Turner, but I have been known as Rocky my entire life. I am the founder of Mothers Fighting For Others, Inc. I have dedicated my life to helping those who have no voice. My goal is to inspire all Mothers to find their passion for paying it forward to make this world a better place. I’m also the creator of Muthahood.com, where I proclaim, “Muthahood Aint For Sissies.” Why? Well I have six great kids that challenge me and make me laugh every single day.

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Sarah Cooper PhotoSarah is a proud Mom to two smart, independent daughters and is a real estate agent and a blogger. She takes in too many pets and thinks if you want to change the world, you’d better start with yourself. She believes in encouraging others and smiling at strangers.

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ashleysaunders100Ashley has a great passion for helping mentor others through painful issues and empowering them to reach their potential. Ashley has traveled to Kenya twice and has joined Rocky and the Kenyan Team with the Inspire the Child Campaign. She has also been working in the film industry for the past 3 years.


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Kim Wood PhotoKim Wood is a mother of three girls with a 14 year age gap between the youngest and the oldest. She was raised in the military, which provided her with the opportunity to live and travel around the world. Africa has been high on her “want to go” list after sending many people there on vacations while she was a travel agent. She lives with her family in Pennsylvania and is a full-time Real Estate Agent & Blogger.

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Tracy Etheridge PhotoTracy is an inspiration to all Mothers. She is a survivor of both child abuse and spousal abuse. She brings a very personal message to the battle to end domestic violence. She is now happily married and a proud Mother of five beautiful children.

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amy picture 1Amy is a full-time mother of two and part time medical assistant who loves to spend hours on end outside with her family. She also enjoys reading, writing, and has a new love for photography. Africa holds a special place in her heart. She was a host family for the “African Children’s Choir” on 2007. She traveled to Kenya in April 08, and plans on going back next year.

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writer dividerines100Ines Hegedus-Garcia is a mother of three boys who believes that our time on earth is not free and giving is a must. Ines was born in a third world country where it was impossible to escape the scenes of abject poverty. She is involved in several charities in the Miami, FL area, including a woman’s cancer association and Habitat For Humanity. Ines also writes her own blog,  Miamism.


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Kelley is a grateful mother of three, having beaten infertility. A pediatric nurse, she has been a “Mom” to hundreds of sick, dying, and abused children. She’s dedicated to improving domestic child health care, erasing childhood poverty, and ending the cycle of abuse. She is also an active member in the Million Mom March and Brady Campaign.

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Roxy PhotoRoxy is a working Mom of two, Content Manager for an Internet marketing company (and slowly turning into a techno geek), part-time blogger and freelance writer. She’s here at MFFO because she believes each of us can make a difference, no matter how small our part. “We’re each a single grain of sand – insignificant on our own, but together, we can move mountains.”

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courtney photoCourtney is a sometimes writer and artist and an always activist and mother of three. She is heavily involved in the ongoing fight for women’s rights and is seldom found without a strong opinion and sense of humor. You can find her at The Only Thing I Know and on Twitter.

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Cecily Bio PhotoCecily is an artist and mother who enjoys writing, cooking, gardening, sewing and spending time with her family. She has overcome infertility and preterm labor problems to have two beautiful children. Always a nature lover, she became fully aware of the implications of Global Warming and Climate Change last year and has been changing her lifestyle in the hopes that others will be inspired by her choices.

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Taryn 100Taryn is new to humanitarian activism but doesn’t lack inspiration or drive. She is working on a BA in Creative Writing and will give a voice to the women and children of armed conflict in Africa, particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is the very proud mother to a beautiful baby boy.

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Karen Photo 100 PixelsKaren’s passions are doing anything creative, spending time with family, and helping others. She volunteers with the American Red Cross as much as she can. She is newly engaged and a Mother of five.

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Julie Ferenzi Photo 100Julie was our first Mom to join MFFO and played an essential role in getting it off the ground. She has a passion for helping others. Her goals are to help children around the globe and to start a movement of giving in her local area. Julie is a real estate agent specializing in the Pre-Foreclosure market and the proud Mother of 4 beautiful children.

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